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Adult Learner Applicants

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Adult learners are students who are at least 24 years old, usually working full time, looking to finish an undergraduate degree they started years ago or begin their dream of starting an undergraduate program.

Adult Learner Programs

Loyola University New Orleans supports working adults through our Adult Learner programs built from on-campus, in-person classes scheduled during evening hours or courses that are completely online. The two degrees in the Adult Learners program are the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (ITDS) and the Bachelor of Criminal Justice (BCJ). Loyola also offers several post-baccalaureate certificates for adult learners who have already completed an undergraduate degree.

Just Starting Out

Some adult learners did not go to college after high school, but have reached a point in their lives where they are ready to begin an undergraduate career. To apply for one of our undergraduate Adult Learner degree programs, prospective first-time students fill out a Loyola Adult Programs Application, submit the required documentation, and complete a

Transfer Information

Many adult learners started their undergraduate career, completed some college-level classes, and were unable to finish the degree at that time. Those college-level credits can be applied to either the ITDS or BCJ as transfer credit. Prospective students can talk to an Adult Programs academic adviser to go over their potential transfer credit, and find out how many degree requirements are already satisfied. Adult Program transfer applicants will also complete a Loyola Adult Programs Application, submit the required documentation, complete a personal statement, and secure one letter of recommendation.

Readmission to Loyola

Some adult learners began a program of study at Loyola years ago, but did not complete an undergraduate degree at that time. Students returning to Loyola to finish an undergraduate degree should apply for readmission to the University, even if they have taken classes at another college in the meantime.

Post-Baccalaureate Certificates

Adult students who already have an undergraduate degree may be looking for post-baccalaureate certification. Loyola offers Post-Bacc certificate programs in Advanced Accounting, Pre-Health, and Music Education. Students interested in one of these programs use the Adult Programs Application.

Military History - Honorable Discharge

We salute you! Truly. As a yellow ribbon school, we encourage veterans of all ages to talk with us about transferring. If you’ve taken military credits, we’ll need your ACE transcripts to review. Standardized test scores are not required but if you have them, please include them. We also require your college transcripts (if you have less than 15 hours of college credit, also submit your high school transcripts) and a letter of recommendation from your commanding officer. This can be emailed, mailed or faxed to the attention of your Admissions counselor.

I want to take courses and pursue a degree part-time both on campus and online:

Find out more about our adult part-time program.

Our admissions counselors are here to help: (504) 865-3240, contact form, email, or staff contact info.