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First Year Applicants

Let's Get Started

“Oh, man.” you’re thinking. College applications are just brutal, right? They can be, but with a little bit of preparation, organization and common sense, it’s really not too bad. Just follow our guide and you’ll be on your way.

Step 1: Prepare To Apply  
Step 2: Apply
  • Loyola offers two application options – (1) through the Common Application or (2) through the Loyola Application – there’s no difference between the two – it’s just what you prefer.

Step 3: After you apply
  • Check your application status
  • Make sure all of your test scores have been submitted, if you take a test after you submit your application, make sure your admissions counselor knows that
  • Send your high school transcript – if you attended more than one high school, be sure that we get a transcript from each school
  • Request your letters of recommendation
  • Keep in touch with your admissions counselor and let them know about changes in your academic profile.
  • Be patient, admissions decisions will be released (either online or via mail)



Early Action Deadline.
If you apply by November 15, you’ll be at the top of our list for early evaluation of your admissions application and information about financial aid packages. Test scores submitted from October and November will be considered for this deadline.

Priority Deadline.
If you apply by February 15, you’ll be considered for all scholarship and financial aid packages. Test scores submitted from January and February will be considered for this deadline.

Regular Deadline.
If you apply after April 15, your application will be considered as space and funds are available. Test scores submitted from March and April will be considered for this deadline.

Enrollment Deadline.
Accepted students must pay their enrollment deposit by this date to confirm their place with the incoming class.

College of Music and Media Deadlines

Applicants will register for an on-campus audition via their Loyola application. The university’s on-campus audition dates are:

Saturday, December 7, 2019
Saturday, January 11, 2020
Saturday, February 1, 2020

What we’re looking for in our applicants

Academic Performance

We seek students who’ve challenged themselves in an academically rigorous course of study throughout high school. Advanced, honors, AP, and IB courses are strongly encouraged, but not required for admission to the university. We suggest that applicants take advantage of a full range of courses and try to exceed the minimum graduation requirements. Specific coursework may be considered with regard to certain majors. Overall, the average GPA for accepted students is an A/B.

Standardized Tests

Loyola doesn’t have minimum test score requirements. We’ll take the highest SAT critical reading and SAT math scores from separate exams if you take the test multiple times. Read more frequently asked questions about the new SAT. The ACT will be super-scored for the highest composite. The middle 50 percent of this year’s incoming class scored between:

Average SAT: 1100 – 1320 (combined reading and math sections only)
SAT Code: 6374

Average ACT: 24- 29
ACT Code: 1592

International applicants whose native language isn’t English must submit the results of the TOEFL or IELTS examination. SAT and ACT test scores may be submitted for scholarship consideration.Visit the International Applicants page for more information.

Personal Statement

This is all you. The personal statement is your chance to speak directly to the admissions committee and show us how you’d fit into the Loyola community.

In this statement we are looking not just for your academic leadership, but also your community involvement, personal achievement and, truly, who you are as a person. If you’ve experienced any personal hardships during high school, this is a chance to tell us and to explain your circumstances to the committee.

Letter of Recommendation

Loyola New Orleans requires one letter of recommendation to complete your application. It should come from a teacher or educator who can speak to your academic ability. It can be submitted electronically via common application, or emailed, faxed or mailed.

Deferred Student Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for applying to Loyola University New Orleans. For those students who applied for our Early Action application process and have been given the decision of “deferral to regular decision” please refer to the guide below for more information and a better understanding of the deferral process at Loyola New Orleans.

What does receiving an Early Action admission decision of “deferral” mean?

If you were deferred from Early Action to Regular Decision it means that our admissions committee believes you possess many of the characteristics we expect from our applicants, but we cannot offer you admission at this time. The committee believes that your application deserves another review and requests additional information to assist in this additional evaluation. Typically, we want to see first semester senior year grades and any new test scores.

Will my application be reviewed again?

Yes, all deferred applicants will be reviewed again during the regular decision process.

When will I receive a final admission decision?

Decisions are released for regular admissions on a rolling basis. While there is no deadline for submitting your new information (grades and test scores), we encourage you to do so as soon as possible. All final decisions will be released no later than April 1.

What if I took an SAT or ACT after the November 15 application deadline?

Please send any updated testing scores to the Loyola Office of Admissions as soon as they become available. If you took a test after the November 15 deadline, we will consider those scores when we review your application again during the regular decision process. If you plan on taking a February test, please let us know by contacting your admissions counselor and sending new test results immediately.

When should I send my first semester grades?

Please submit your first semester/midyear grades as soon as they become available. Be sure to request a transcript from your guidance counselor.

My school is on a trimester system so I won’t have new grades until February.

Please submit your first semester/midyear grades as soon as they become available.

May I update my application with other information?

Yes, please send any updated material to Loyola University New Orleans. 6363 St. Charles Ave, Box 18, Loyola University New Orleans, New Orleans, LA 70118.

I don’t plan on taking any other standardized tests. What should I submit?

Please submit your first semester/midyear grades as soon as they become available.

When will I receive information on Financial Aid?

Students should complete and submit the FAFSA by March 1. If you are admitted to Loyola University New Orleans, you will receive information about merit scholarships and need- based aid following your admission.

How many students do you expect to admit to Loyola?

We do not have any specific number of deferred students that we intend to admit. All deferred applications will be reviewed again during the regular decision process and those whom we feel are the most prepared will be admitted.

May I speak with someone regarding my application or decision?

Yes, please feel free to reach out to your admissions counselor for specific questions. The best way to contact them is via email.

Our admissions counselors are here to help: (504) 865-3240, contact form, email, or staff contact info.