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Applying for college is a big deal. It’s the next step in your academic life where you will make big decisions about your future. Whether you’re a high school student, transfer student, graduate student or re-admit, there is no application fee, so make the first big decision and start the application process for Loyola University New Orleans as early as possible. 

First-Year Full-Time Students  

A first-year applicant is a student that is still in high school and plans to apply during their senior year. Occasionally, students that have recently finished high school but that have not taken any college classes may be considered a first-year applicant.

Transfer Students  

A transfer applicant is a student that has taken classes at another college or university. Please note that once a student graduates from high school, if you take any college classes, that applicant is considered a transfer student.

International Students  

An international student is a student that does not hold United States citizenship or US Permanent Residency.

Online Students  

Loyola's 100% online degree programs are designed for busy professionals and learners who are looking for a rigorous, high-quality education but need the flexibility and convenience of a fully online education.
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Adult Students  

Earn a respected degree from Loyola in one of the nine concentrations available. Programs are offered in the evenings, online, and even during the day!

Early Scholars (also called high school dual enrollment)  

An early scholars applicant is a student that is still in high school and would like to take dual enrollment college classes at Loyola before graduating from high school.

Re-Admit Students  

A re-admit applicant is a student that attended Loyola University previously. Even if they have attended another institution after leaving Loyola and now wish to return, they must still submit the re-admit application.

Second Degree  

A second-degree applicant is a student that already has an undergraduate degree and wishes to earn a second one in a different area.

Non-Degree Students  

A non- degree applicant is a student that typically already has an undergraduate degree but wants to take selected undergraduate classes in order to fulfill pre-requisites needed for graduate school or other professional school admission. Reflective Age students (65 years or older who wishes to take non-credit classes at Loyola) and Transient/Visiting students (those who attend another college or university but want to take classes at Loyola for a single semester or single summer) are included in this group. Please note: students in this classification do not qualify for need-based financial aid or merit scholarships.

Graduate Students  
Law School Students  




All applicants are required to apply online. If for any reason, you are unable to submit an online application, please contact us.

Our admissions counselors are here to help: (504) 865-3240, contact form, email, or staff contact info.