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Undergraduate Admissions

Non-Degree Seeking Students

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A non-degree seeking student is one who wishes to take courses at Loyola University New Orleans on a continual basis, without pursuing a degree. 

An official transcript from the last institution attended is required in addition to the Application for Undergraduate Admission to the university. Contact the Office of Admissions at (504) 865-3240 for more information.

Reflective Age Program

Participants in the Reflective Age Program are individuals 65 years of age or older who desire to enroll in the undergraduate academic courses on an "open seat" basis. They may register in audit status (credit will not be awarded) for courses during the late registration period with the permission of the instructor as indicated on the New Seat Card.

  1. Complete the Reflective Age Application.
  2. Submit a photo copy of driver’s license as proof of age.

NOTE: Reflective Age students do not qualify for financial aid. Students in this program are not charged tuition, however, they are responsible for all university fees. Students can enroll in undergraduate courses only. These courses cannot be performance- related music or drama courses.


Transient/visiting applicants are students who attend another college or university but want to take classes at Loyola for a single semester or single summer. Students must be eligible to return to their home institution.

  1. Complete the Visiting Student Application.
  2. Submit an official transcript from your current or most recently attended college.

NOTE: Visiting/Transient students are not eligible for need- based financial aid or merit scholarships. Admission is granted for one semester. Students must re-apply to enroll in additional semesters.

Non-Degree Seeking

A non- degree applicant is a student that typically already has an undergraduate degree but wants to take selected undergraduate classes in order to fulfill pre-requisites needed for graduate school or other professional school admission.

  1. Complete the Non-Degree Student Application.
  2. Submit an official transcript from your undergraduate college.

Non-Degree seeking students do not qualify for financial aid. Students can take undergraduate courses on a continual basis without pursuing a degree.

To learn more, call 1-800-4-LOYOLA or schedule your visit online.