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Undergraduate Admissions

First-Year Ignition Program

Prepared students are successful students, and with the right tools, they can accomplish anything. Let us start you off with some of those tools at Loyola.



Here's all you have to do, plain and simple:

  1. Be one of the first 400 admitted first-year students to register to participate in a short online discussion with a First-Year Ignition Program member to talk about college preparedness. Schedule a time by clicking on the calendar tool in the registration link.
  2. Complete the conversation with the First-Year Ignition Program team member who you are scheduled to speak with. It's a great way to talk about college preparedness and make sure you have all your questions answered about Loyola.
  3. Be sure your deposit is made by May 1, 2017. That's it!
  4. Register for your classes this summer during orientation so we know which books you need.
  5. Pick up your books on First-Year Ignition Day during Wolf Pack Welcome. We’ll have your books packaged and ready to pick up under your name (second semester, too).
  6. And very important — return the books at the end of the semester so that we can pass them on to the next class. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for their replacement.

Questions? Email

Registration is open.

If you’ve already deposited, congratulations—you’re eligible, too.

You just have to register for the program and schedule your conversation with the program member before May 1st.

Be one of the first 400 students to register for this program, and also make your deposit by May 1.