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Student Life

We've Got That

Be part of the ‘Pack

When you’re part of the Wolf Pack, you’re constantly in action. The Loyola campus community is welcoming and active, so it’s easy for you to connect, thrive, and transform.

Maybe it’s because we feel so fortunate to live here. Perhaps it’s because we are part of a campus culture that embraces differences, encourages new ideas, and welcome’s everyone’s unique perspective. Or possibly it’s that we are surrounded by others who want to help us discover our strengths and foster our talents. Whatever the reason, we love being a part of Loyola –– and you will too.

Not only do we have a wide variety of clubs and organizations for you to join, we’ve also got a fun and exciting campus life –– all in the Uptown area of New Orleans.

Want to be involved in campus leadership? We’ve got that.

Looking to change a community? We’ve got that.

What about fulfilling your dream of playing quidditch? We’ve got that too.

Whether you’re interested in leadership, politics, community service, the arts and plenty more, our wide range of student-run organizations offer you a chance to meet new people, support a cause, and become the person you want to become.

Clubs + Organizations  

Take a look at the more than 85 clubs and organizations we have on campus and find one that fits your interests.

Jesuit Identity  

As a Jesuit university, we believe that truth, goodness, and hope are found in a diversity of faiths and traditions. Learn more about our strong Jesuit identity and how you can incorporate it into your life and academic experience.

New Orleans  

Live and learn where creativity meets Creole, business meets bayou, and Jesuit meets jazz.


Our students excel in the classroom and on the playing field. Loyola Wolf Pack teams compete in the NAIA Division I as a member of the Southern States Athletic Conference.

Housing + Dining  

It’s not just where you life but how you live –– around a lot of fascinating people with whom you’ll laugh out loud, debate the world’s problems, and develop friendships that last a lifetime.


Buoyed by historic venues, famous festivals, and art incubators alike, New Orleans showcases a dynamic selection of music, theatre, poetry, sculpture, and more to inspire Loyola’s own thriving art, dance, theatre, and music programs.


Loyola, just like New Orleans, is a melting pot of different races, ethnicities, classes, and religions and we’re proud to be ranked as one of the most diverse universities in the U.S.


Get to know the Loyola traditions that go back decades.

To learn more, call 1-800-4-LOYOLA or schedule your visit online.