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Undergraduate Admissions

Tuition + Fees

It’s all about VALUE

An education shaped by high academic standards. An extensive alumni network. Real-world experience. Access to a comprehensive range of life enhancing athletic and wellness programs.

You get all of that and more with a Loyola degree.

2016-2017 Tuition and Fees for Full-Time Undergraduate Students

Annual Expense Items Off Campus


Tuition $36,938 $36,938
University Fees $1,816 $1,816
Residence Hall Room n/a $7,430
Meal Plan $500 $5,034
Totals $39,254 $51,218

Note: The expenses listed above represent the estimated average cost of attendance for full-time undergraduate study at Loyola for the 2016-2017 academic year. There will also be additional expenses for books, supplies, travel to Loyola, and other miscellaneous or personal expenses.

  1. Represents two 12+hour semesters.  Part-time rates are $1,052 per credit hour.
  2. Includes a one-time orientation fee of $250.  Lab fees for disposable materials not included.
  3. Based on the average cost of a room (double occupancy) in Buddig or Biever Hall.
  4. Represents the cost of the 15 Meals per Week plan.

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