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Managing Costs

We care about your financial literacy

College can be overwhelming and so can paying for college. At Loyola, we have a good track record of Loyola graduates paying back their loans after graduation.

How Loyola helps with financial literacy and managing costs

  • We award AP credit and exceptions for test results and college courses you completed in high school which helps you save costs on unnecessary courses
  • Our teacher certification program is for students who are interested in teaching after college, and the program is incorporated into your degree program, so you can graduate with both a degree and teaching certificate, instead of having to take extra classes
  • Our Office of Retention and Student Success helps students who are struggling to stay in school and get the recourses, academically and financially, needed to stay at Loyola.
  • We have a strong group of financial aid counselors who can provide you with advice on financing your education and living expenses on an individual basis.

Begin your financial planning with our net price calculator.