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Academic Opportunities

Apply your learning

Learning at Loyola goes well beyond the lecture halls and seminar rooms. Working alongside faculty and professionals in the field, you can apply your learning inside and outside the classroom.

Experiencing learning like this –– firsthand and in real-world settings that range from the wetlands, hospitals and boardrooms to performance halls and locations around the world –– is part of every program of study at Loyola. After all, what better way is there to learn how to do something than by actually doing it?


Study Abroad  

Step outside your comfort zone and expand your worldview through our study abroad programs in Paris, India, Belize and more.


Explore job fields, make connections to jump start your career and gain real-world experience with the help of an internship during your time at Loyola.  

Research Opportunities  

Students can participate in research projects in a variety of program studies such as physics, sociology, and biology.

University Honors Program  

Set your academic journey into motion with the University Honors Program and challenge yourself above and beyond the general college curriculum.

Learning Communities  

Live and learn with students who have shared interests, lifestyle, or academic courses and create a network of friends for support both academically and socially.

Pre-Law  and Pre-Health/Pre-Med  

Pursuing a career in the legal, health or medical fields? Loyola offers specialized support in choosing classes that are often required by law and medical schools and will boost your future career.

To learn more, call 1-800-4-LOYOLA or schedule your visit online.