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Bernice van der Velden

Biology Major,
College of Arts and Sciences

I transferred to Loyola after my freshman year. My sister had moved to New Orleans and I wanted to move a little closer to her. I visited all the universities in the city, but Loyola stood out to me. While taking the tour I noticed how our tour guide knew almost everyone that walked by, as well as most of the professors. One professor even interrupted the tour and explained how the tour guide was one of his research assistants! Loyola seemed to me like a little piece of paradise inside of a culturally vibrant city, and I desperately wanted to be part of it! It’s crazy to think that I was on a tour, and now I’m a tour guide myself! I recommend prospective students to really take advantage of all the opportunities at Loyola. Join every club on campus that sparks your interest, get to know your professors and sign up for activities! You’ll realize just like me how all of the little things will help you grow into the person you want to become.
Minor: Computational Science
Phone number: (504) 865-3240
Email Address:
New Orleans, LA