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Department of Design

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The Department of Design degrees include BD Bachelor of Design and BA Interaction Design

Application Process

To apply for a major within the Department of Design choose one of the following application options from the list below

Application options:
Option 1: Visual Narrative

Please submit 10-20 photos that best describe your interests with design. These photos can be abstract, literal or a mixture of both. Please submit photos in a continuous .pdf. Visual Narrative should be linear/continuous and will be reviewed starting with the first photo.

Option 2: Design Essay

Please submit 1-2 page essay on why you want to choose a career in design. What designers inspire you, or what experiences have you had with the design world?

Option 3: Portfolio

Please choose 10-20 images of work you have created in an art class or on your own. Please submit work as a continuous .pdf with explanations the type of project, materials, and historical influences (if applicable.)

Questions? Contact Professor Daniela Marx at


The priority talent scholarship deadline to submit your Loyola Application is March 1, 2020.

To learn more, call 1-800-4-LOYOLA or schedule your visit online.